July 2005. 
Product information on fire retardant armour and partner  websites




UC & DTC have chanced General Armour from a joint venture to a global cooperation since more manufactures teamed up in the partnership. The cooperation focuses on  light weight composite armour solutions and advanced body armour technology.  It is a global and quickly expanding cooperation of manufactures from the US, Canada, European Union up to Asia. The idea came up in the Netherlands, to globally unite the knowledge and expertise of OEM's in armouring technology.

GA Brands are;

  • Prometheus Body Armour 

  • Modular Protection System (MPS)

  • Basic Armour System (BAS)

  • Carshield / Innershield

Product GA sells are

  • Trauma/Riffle Plates

  • Vehicle armour

  • Ship Armour

  • Building Armour

  • Body Armour

  • Aircraft Armour

  • Riffle Shields

  • etc.

GA supplies mainly business to business to governments, police departments, security firms, body armour companies, military etc. 




October  2004. 
Product information on architects websites


Product info and Papers


UC and partners have published product information on architectual websites. One of these websites are; 

www.dutcharchitects.com,  ,  www.architectenweb.nl , www.archguide.com , www.propertymall.com

The product information sheets of these websites can be downloaded here as pdf files. But also other papers from partners can be downloaded on the website of United Composites. Below are some quick links that can be found on the site.



Dutch product information

Profiel UC

Custombuild composiet producten

Zelfdragende kolommen en liggers
Zelfdragende plafond elementen
Kleuren kaarten


English/US papers

Profile UC
Tunnel linings/claddings

Custombuild composite parts
Interior parts and columns

Fire Hard Composites for Architectual Applications

Fire retardant composites for Marine industry
CTP paper (PDF), Use of phenol for marine, offshore, building and construction industry

August/September  2004. 
Composites for building and civil industry


Groothuis B.V. 
models, moulds and adv. tooling

United Composites, Caleb Technical Products, Polymarin, Borden Chemicals and Groothuis Model makers agreed to unite forces  to further promote the use of advanced fire retardant composites for the marine, building and civil engineering industry. It is done in such way that each company puts in its own expertise. The concept is to advice potential customers from design to construct.

The market focussed on is for architects, designers, construction companies, project developers etc. This to allow customers to learn and experience the enormous advantages of these phenolic resin based composites.

read more about partners

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January 2004
Joint venture UC and DTC for Composite Armour



United Composites and DTC have established the joint venture General Armour. Both companies have decided to transfer its activities for composite armour into this joint venture. General Armour is the trade name of this cooperation in which DTC focuses on advanced thermoplastic composite armour and UC on adv. thermo set composite armour. 

Concerning R&D, DTC and UC unite their knowledge in General Armour especially for the research and design of integrated light weight armour and the further development of Carshield and Innershield.

Read more at website GA


November 2003
Cooperation with CTP on trade raw materials



Caleb technical products and United Composites started cooperation concerning trade of raw composite materials in the Benelux and Europe. For more information about raw composite materials please see the website of Caleb Technical Products (CTP, for link click logo) or see contacts below:

General Trade Chemicals, Pigments and Resins: Peter.looij@calebtechnical.co.uk

Trade in Raw Composite Materials: Peter Willson