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Over the past few years national authorities are demanding more stricter requirements concerning fire retardancy and heat resistance of applied materials in interior parts for public areas and public transportation. This follows the disasters all throughout  Europe (London Underground fire at King Cross Station, tunnel inferno France/Switzerland, Volendam and Enschede the Netherlands, and the tunnel blaze in Austria, etc.). More and more industries such as the transportation, marine, construction and civil industries are confronted with and are required to meet these higher demands. For the interior component supply industry it becomes more difficult and more expensive to meet with these higher demands. 

It is now possible to make highly advanced light weight interior parts, with a newly developed production technique combined with a new developed phenolic resin, which meets the highest standards on fire retardancy/resistance (class 0/1 fire classification, click
Fire Certificates) for construction, marine, defence and civil industrial applications. This new technique also has additional advantages, which differentiates it from all other known materials.

Example of Surface


Advantage in case of Fire




Light weight sandwich ceiling element of Carbon/phenolic resin measuring  > 18 m2, total weight 175 kg, including support frame. Total structure is self supporting and carry two persons

Light weight columns and beams. columns and beams are approx. 8 m. long and have a U circumference of 1,2m. Columns and Beams are made of a sandwich glass/phenol laminate.  Columns and Beams have a graffiti proof granite/stone surface structure, weigh 75 kg and besides being attractive interior parts they also give protection against fire/heat and high impact of steel columns and beams

Advantages of interior part from Phenolic 
Composites in case of fire
(click for Fire Certificates).

  • An exceptional level of fire performance, for example - fire class NEN 6065 class 1, BS 476 part 6 & 7 class 0/1 BS 6853 Cat. 1a. The material has no contribution to fire, it only carbonises. (click Fire Certification)
  • Minimal smoke development.
  • No auto - propagation of fire
  • No release of flammable vapours
  • Very low to almost none toxic fume emission.
  • Very high fire insulation values and very low heat release.
All this means, that in case of fire there is more time for evacuation because the fire propagates considerably more slowly. Evacuation is easier and leads to lower casualty levels because there is a very low smoke emission (one of the most hazardous problems with fire). Additionally there is a reduced chance of suffocation and lung injuries caused by smoke inhalation..

Interior parts are not only components to benefit from this technology but also heat shields to protect the steel/concrete columns, beams and roof/floor structures. Due to inherent high insulation values incorporated within the structures, they considerably extend the resistance time for exposure against inferno fires so that the steel /concrete structures maintain there strength and do not collapse.

It is also possible to incorporated anti ballistic / impact armour within the parts (see also composite armour page). This is especially interesting not only for interior parts but also for exterior parts as wall panels, doors etc.

Simply a much safer environment in case of fire, for the shopping customers, the firemen who evacuate, save people and put out the fire, but also for the owner (risk, insurance etc.)

Commercial Advantages
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Example of Carbon and Aramide Fabric

Colour and Effect Charts

RAL colour chart

BS 4800 colour chart

BS 381c colour chart

Surface Effect Chart

Go to Surface Finish page to download pdf files colour charts

Fire retardant tunnel lining


  • Parts are lightweight and have an enormous specific strength (high strength low weight ratio).

  • Parts can be manufactured in large single pieces and can have integrated fixing points moulded in during construction.

  • Parts can be quickly and simply mounted and are easy to handle because of their low weight. Think of all those small and heavy parts to be mounted around columns, beams and not to mention the floor and ceiling panels. With this new technology and product design approach ease of assembly will be a lot easier.

  • Excellent design freedom for architects and industrial designers. Double curved parts, with different surface textures, finishes and colours - the possibilities are endless.

  • Graffiti and vandal proof - no corrosion. Therefore cheaper to maintain 

  • Simple replacement of components 

  • Costs can be reduced due to modern production technology compared to other more traditional materials - especially if the product life cycles are taken into account.

  • Further financial advantages can be gained because to lower insurance costs.

Lightweight Composites based on phenolic resin are the product of choice in areas where public safety is important.

If you need safer interiors and public areas, coupled cutting edge design please do not hesitate to contact us.

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