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Fire retardancy

Colours and Surface Effects

Colour Standards

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For composite parts several surface colours and surface effects are possible. In principle almost all of these surfaces can be made graffiti proof by the selection of special grade gel coats (in mould coating) and paint systems. 

Fire retardancy

Concerning fire retardancy requirements a careful selection has to be made between surface systems. For the highest classes of fire retardancy (near class 0) gelcoats can not be used anymore due to the high demands in smoke development. Only special phenol surface pastes combined with special paint systems will meet these high demands.

For all other fire retardancy classes up to class 1, special modified gelcoats can be used. These gelcoats are modified in such way that they have an extreme low smoke development in case of a fire and will bond to a phenol laminate under all conditions.

Colours and surface effects

Phenol surface pastes / Paints systems;   Surface pastes have a limited colour range because paints systems are normally used for the final finish of a part. The colour range can be seen on the website of Caleb Technical Products and consists of approx. 9 basic colours. The colour ranges for the paint systems are up to your choosing according Britisch Standard, RAL Standard and RAL metallic standards. The finish itself can be textured (several grain levels), dull, silk gloss and high gloss.

Special modified gelcoats; The colour range for gelcoats are normally according the RAL and BS colour range standards. Other colours can be mixed but for this a minimum amount is required. The possibilities with gelcoats are enormous. Some are;

Colour Standards

  • RAL standard colour range
  • British Standard colour range
  • Granite, Wood, Marble and fibre weave effects
  • In mould texture effects
    • Wood textures
    • Grain textures
    • Stone textures
    • Other special textures

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Some Examples

Colour Charts

RAL colour chart

BS 4800 colour chart

BS 381c colour chart

Surface effects chart

Download PDF files

RAL colour chart pdf file

BS 4800 colour chart pdf file

BS 381c colour chart pdf file

Surface effects pdf file